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HVC Camera Crews Tel;
+44(0)1245 225803
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One Man.
Lighting Cameraman/DoP, Stephen Huntley's Equipment owned & supplied. 

Digi-Beta, Sony DVW-790 WSP (16:9/4:3)
Beta SX,  Sony DNW-90  WSP  (16:9/4:3)
DVCam,  Sony  DSR-500 WSP  (16:9/4:3)
Beta SP, Hitachi Z-One D, Digital       (4:3)
One of the above cameras and;
Fujinon A10x 4.8 (2x) Super Wide Angle lens
Fujinon A15x 8 (2x) Standard lens
Vinten Vision 100 Carbon Fibre ENG legs
Fujinon Remote Zoom control
Chroziel Matt Box with 7 Tiffen 4x4 filters
Pag & Swit Li-ion & NiMh Battery packs
Sony PVM 9044 9" H/R Monitor
Panasonic 7" LCD Monitor with Black Box Radio Link
Pag camera light, Chimera, HMI & tung. lamps
3x Red Head 800w lights
3x Satchler Reporter 300w lights
2x Dedo lights with dimmers, one with Gobos & Zoom lens
2x Chimera Soft Boxes plus 'honeycomb grid'
Coloured & ND lighting gels
Colour correction gels
Soft Spun diffuser
Lastolite reflectors, white, gold & silver
Fog machine & liquid (Please advise if needed)
Sennheiser MKH 60 directional mic
Sony UHF Diversity WR-855 radio mic kit
Tram TR50 mic for above
Sony ECM-77 hard wired mic
2 x Motorala Walkie-talkies

Mains equipment PAT tested for electrical safety

3 million Public Liability Insurance.

Crew vehicles; New (August 2006) Nissan Navara (Frontier in US) Aventura 4x4 Double Cab pick up, Land Rover Discovery 4X4, or BMW 5-Series,  with climate control/air con, built in Sat Nav/TV,  Traffic Master & TMC Traffic Info systems. Other car may be subtituted depending on job.

2007 Rates. ONE MAN.

550 DVCAM 
600 Beta SX 650 Digi-Beta
50p per mile
10 hour day
Plus VAT for UK
Discounts on rates for mutliple bookings. Rates based on base to base.

New Nissan Navara Aventura 4x4 Double Cab pick up.

Additional kit that can be requested

HDV      Sony HVR-Z1E
DVCam  Sony PD-100
DV        Sony IR Night Cam
NTSC cameras
Vinten EFP Carbon Fibre Heavy Duty legs
Dolly and track
Lastolite 6 x 7ft CSO Chroma Key, green
HMI 575kW MSR lights

Land Rover in snow, Kent 2005
Land Rover in snow, Kent 2005


Two Man.


Soundman Derek Bruce's kit owned & supplied.


SQN 4 stereo mixer or

Sony DMX-P01 four channel location digital mixer

Sound Devices 744T four-track hard disk location digital audio recorder with timecode

Yamaha 01v96 location mixing console with 16 channel digital interface (Please advise if needed)

Sennhieser MKH 416 directional mic

Sennhieser MKH 418 stereo mic

Sennhieser MKH 70 long directional mic

Schoeps CCM41LG hypercardioid mic

4 x Rycote suspension / conbox / wind jammer kits

4 x Audio Ltd RMS 2020 UHF radio mic receivers / transmitters

2 x Sennhieser EW500 G2 radio mics receivers / transmitters

5 x Tram TR50 mics + clips

2 x Sennhieser directors monitoring

3x Sennhieser HD 25 Headphones

Sony WM D6C Pro Timecode Cassette Walkman

Black Box Video - Radio Link Timecode receiver / transmitter

Hawkwoods NP60 Lithium Batteries / MR2 international charger

Hawkwoods RMH-1 separate sound mounting kit / cables

VDB six-stage large + small boom poles

Telephone / mobile phone interfaces

Remote Audio foldback / monitoring

Full range of cabling / grips / accessories


Crew vehicle - 7 seat/4x4 van with Sat Nav


2007 Rates. Two Man.



900 Beta SX

950 Digi-Beta

Mileage 50p per mile


10 hour day

Plus VAT for UK

Discounts on rates for multiple bookings. Rates are from base to base.

Three Man crew with Camera Assistant also available.
Other Crew names, Awards (including an Emmy for Documentary Sound) & kit lists on request.

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